Sister School

Sister School Program

The first teacher employed by the school to teach Languages, set up the program based on the Department of Education guidelines. The teacher, Miss Kylie Farmer also set up a Sister School relationship with a primary school in Mito, called Mito Nanbu. The school is located in the Aichi Prefecture and is located in the small town of Mito, which forms part of the city of Toyakawa.

In 2000, the students and staff from the Hillside Campus joined the program and in line with the expansion here, a second school in Mito also joined the program. Mito Hokubu Primary School formed a direct sister school relationship with the Hillside Campus and Mito Nanbu continued with the relationship with the Sydenham Campus.

The Sister School program involves students and staff from Sydenham-Hillside Primary School travelling to Mito and the students participating in a Homestay program. The tour group also includes visits to other areas of Japan, including the cities of Kyoto and Osaka.

There are reciprocal visits from the two Mito primary schools from Japan, and the invitation to participate in Homestay is also provided. The visits from our sister school are very popular and the whole school participates in the event with a Welcome Ceremony taking place at each campus.


 Map of Aichi Prefecture

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