Language Support Program

Sydenham-Hillside Primary School provides a comprehensive language support program for students who require support in developing speech and oral language skills.

A DET Speech Pathologist oversees all aspects of the schools Language Support Program (LSP) including completing assessments, providing therapy plans, training and support to Student Support officers who delivers the weekly program.

The program may offer general oral language enhancement opportunities or more specific oral language groups for students who have had speech therapy intervention prior to commencing school or for those identified as requiring specific therapy and assistance.

Children who participate in the Language Support Program generally attend one session per week, working in small groups ranging from 2-6 students per session. The duration of the program is dependent on individual needs and caseload size.

Parents may be asked to support their child’s language development through meeting the Speech Pathologist or support staff. They will be asked to reinforce skills learnt through the program and revise concepts by encouraging their child to complete homework tasks.

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