The School Camp program has been developed to provide students with an opportunity to experience activities and places that can’t be provided at school. The camps vary in length, depending on the age of the students and the availability of appropriate camps. Students from Sydenham-Hillside Primary School will attend camps that are accredited by the DET in conjunction with Australia Camps Association (ACA); and the National Accommodation, Recreation and Tourism Accreditation (NARTA).

The camps are carefully chosen to provide students with a range of experiences whilst they are enrolled at primary school. The cost of each camp may vary according to the site and distance from Melbourne and costs will change from year to year. Staff from the school accompanies students to the camps and a select number of parents are also invited to achieve the appropriate adult to child ratio.

The current program involves the current year levels attending the following:

Prep to Year 2

Have a school based student activity that celebrates their year at school. It is usually held in Term 4 and may involve students staying at school until the early evening. Various activities are planned and a special meal is included.

Year 3 and 4

Students attend a one or two night camp with two or three full days of activities planned.

Year 5 and 6

Students attend a two or three night camp with a three or four full days of activities planned.

The Camp program is a whole school program that sometimes involves students from both campuses attending the year level camp at the same time. This may change according to availability of certain camps and student numbers in various Year Levels.

There are restrictions on some activities that students are allowed to participate in, for example we don’t allow students to participate in high risk activities.

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