Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program operates in a modern Art Room that is purpose built. The facilities in each Art room have a kiln for clay work and wet and dry areas for painting and construction.

The Visual Arts curriculum is part of the AusVels and is assessed accordingly.

Sydenham-Hillside Primary School has a long history of providing Visual Arts programs and actively promotes this program across the school community. Teachers are allocated the Visual Arts role and they work closely with the classroom teachers to design activities and lessons that may support the unit of work that is being studied in the different year levels. The program that is implemented is designed to provide a variety of experiences form drawing with different media, through to construction work.

The students' art work is displayed around various sites across the school and is appreciated by the students and their parents. The Visual Arts teachers encourage the students to become actively involved in Community Arts events and from time to time students work forms part of various exhibitions that are held locally.

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