Our library is full of colour, fun and reading adventures! Children are welcomed into our library before school, after school and lunchtimes to enjoy all that reading can offer.

Literacy is very important to both the staff and students at Sydenham-Hillside Primary School. Children are encouraged to borrow regularly and are given ample reading and browsing time during the week. The library is constantly being resourced with new and interesting Picture Story, Fiction and Non-Fiction books. There’s something to tantalise everyone’s tastes!

The library staff host book fairs during the year where everyone has the chance to purchase a new book to treasure. There’s nothing better than a perfect book to treasure and enjoy. Book Club is also offered during the term and it is a great opportunity for parents and students to build up a library of books at home.

Classes are timetabled to use the library on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Class teachers use the facilities and resources of the library to immerse students in literature as well as undertake research on topics that are currently being investigated throughout the curriculum or an incidental learning opportunities.

The libraries are an attractive centre for learning, students and staff appreciate the opportunity to use a welcoming, supportive learning space.

Emerge yourself in a book today!

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