Sydenham-Hillside Primary School has identified ICT (Information Communication and Technology) as one of its Learning Priorities and has focused on providing the students with a learning environment that will enhance their learning skills.

The school is very keen to promote the concept of living and learning in the 21st Century. The DET has provided schools with guidelines and programs for establishing an ethos that supports this concept.

The school has invested a large amount of money to ensure that the infrastructure is in place to support the ICT program. This includes significant funds allocated to wireless technology with the aim to have a service that is reliable and consistent. 

The school has an ICT Lab at each campus that has approximately 28 computers set up for individual and small group work. The labs are air-conditioned and are very comfortable areas. 

The classes are timetabled into the Lab and the class teacher along with support from a Leading Teacher will implement the curriculum designed for that particular year level. 

The ICT program is also extended into the classrooms with each classroom having four computers for student use along with an interactive electronic whiteboard. These whiteboards provide teachers and students with further opportunities to learn in small group situations as well as whole class investigations. We have recently extended this classroom program further, by purchasing notebook and iPad trolleys so classrooms can have a 1:1 ratio and provide innovative learning opportunities. 

The ICT program also extends into the homes of our families with a program like Mathletics, which parents sign up for. This program provides learning opportunities that can be completed in the home as well as at school. It is a numeracy based program and the students enjoy working their way through the different levels.


2015 iPad Program

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