English as an Additional Language

The EAL program welcomes many different students from a variety of nationalities and cultural backgrounds. It is a small community within our school that works together and enjoys exploring the English language.

The Australian Curriculum states:

"The goals for students learning English as an additional language are the same to English in the mainstream, but their pathways to these goals are different. Our EAL students need targeted English language teaching and extra time, support and exposure to English before the English achievement standards are appropriate."

Content Structure

In our EAL Program in accordance with AUSVELS we cover the three following domains:

  • Speaking and Listening
  • Writing
  • Reading and Viewing

Year Level Descriptions

EAL is currently taught by two teachers who work with small groups of students from the same or similar year level. Students typically visit their EAL teacher one to two hours per week.

In year levels Prep-Two students will be given the opportunity to build on their confidence with the English language through Language Experience Activities and Developmental Play. Students will read classic rhymes and tales and will also become accustomed to favourite songs. Students will build on their English Vocabulary and their ability to write and create simple sentences.

In year levels Three- Six students will continue to develop their English language skills through Language Experience Activities and will also begin to shift their focus towards Language Conventions in Writing. Students will also have opportunities to further develop their Speaking and Presentation skills.

Once a student is able to confidently follow the English program run in the classroom they will end their time with the EAL program.

The EAL program may be slightly modified to suit the needs of students and each campus.

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